Olbia, North Sardinia, Italy

Olbia, North Sardinia, Italy

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Olbia, North Sardinia Italy

Olbia is a city of 58,066 inhabitants in northeastern Sardinia (Italy), in the Gallura sub-region. Called Olbia in the Roman age, Civita in the Middle Ages and Terranova Pausania before the 1940s, Olbia was again the official name of the city during the period of Fascism. Olbia has a hot-summer Mediterranean climate with very mild winters, warm springs and autumns and hot summers. You can´t leave to visit the Oschiri, a beautiful village of 4000 people.
Recommended airport
Olbia Costa Smeralda (OLB)
Points of interest
  • Golfo di Olbia
  • Patron Fiaso Island
  • Olbia seafront
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